Thursday, December 8, 2011

Breakfast is Champion.

Let's talk about Breakfast! 

Breakfast is the favorite meal around here, even when we share it after the sun's gone down.  It's our favorite meal, even as our eating habits relegate something so "complicated" as Breakfast to a day or two on non-working days or evenings when we're all together.  Don't challenge me on what constitutes "work" around here, I'd write volumes.

As kids, we ate cereal a LOT.  We loved it.  We loved it for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, for snack, whenever we were snacky-hungry.  We ate it with milk and sugar, then just milk, then eventually au natural because eating with spoons and driving a stick shift were mutually exclusive.  Cereal is not just a breakfast food: it's a snack, but it's so healthy, it's also a meal.  Cheerios were (and still are) by FAR my favorite.  The one food I won't substitute with store brands because frankly, only General Mills gets this one right.

That's not to say we didn't cook breakfast on occasion, because we certainly did.  Mom had this neat electric griddle with convertible sides which would be flat, for pancakes, or notched, for waffles.  I LOVED those days.  We had eggs and toast and bacon a lot, sometimes even sausage.  We're from the Frozen North, where sausage isn't a food group, but more of a side item.  We had hot cereal: oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar, cream of wheat with butter and brown sugar, both with milk.  We learned to make omelettes with cheese when Mom found the right sort of saute pan.  Eggs Benedict became a family Christmas Brunch tradition.  We found home fries at a local restaurant in my late teens.  We found bagels and English Muffins and homemade muffins with butter and jam to be excellent substitutes for toast.  We even ate doughnuts occasionally.

When we were busy, though, it was cereal, or it was toast.  Cooked breakfasts were for lazy weekends, and we had them, but not often or regularly.

Now we live south of the Mason-Dixon line, where local tradition dictates that breakfast is cooked.  Not toasted, dryly, in a machine, but cooked, on a stovetop, with whatever pork product is on hand. 

DD has friend whose family she dearly loves to stay with because their family of farmers cooks breakfast EVERY morning.  When home errantly, DH likes a cooked breakfast.  Always.  We'll miss early church service to have breakfast.  We'll skip morning routines (except the fair-weather golf one, when first tee takes precedence over sausage) to have breakfast.  Cooked breakfast involves eggs (they might be scrambled, if it's easier, but omelettes with cheese are preferred) and meat (sausage > bacon > steak > ham) and biscuits (when Someone's ambitious) or toast (when Someone's tired), and potatoes when they are available.  Jam, jelly, maple syrup, molasses, apple butter, you name it, it's there in the fridge.

We had a delicious cooked breakfast TWICE last weekend.  Bacon, bacon gravy, eggs, and biscuits on Saturday, the same on Sunday with an eggy/cheesy omelette featuring leftover steak, some stray onions and mushrooms, and the nice Havarti we brought home from our Thanksgiving trek to the Beach. Saturday’s biscuits cut into halves, buttered, then toasted in the oven. DH helped (in MY kitchen!). A few toes were stepped on, but the taste buds won over the toes.  

A mistake on my part resulted in twice the biscuit dough needed, so I tried an experiment.  I put some of the cut biscuits on a cookie sheet lined with parchment and put them in the freezer.  Once they were frozen through (maintaining their cut shape), I stacked them in a freezer storage bag.  We'll see how they work later this month!

Spent the bulk of the remaining weekend cleaning and blogging. Writing doesn’t seem to take long. Editing sure does!

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