Friday, June 28, 2013

We're On the Road to Nowhere (Maine)

Of course there will be music. 

The Boy doesn't realize it yet, but there will be music I love which he doesn't on this trip.  Not because I've planned it or stored it or downloaded it, but because it will sound out when we're not listening to anything else and hearing what's around us.  When the neglect of sufficient preparation becomes most apparent and the silence is all there is.  When we're most vulnerable to hearing the World which so gloriously surrounds us.  Never truly silent, always moving and growing.

This is what I hope for most of all.  For my connected and boastful and proud all-knowing 15-yr-old son to find The Space Between.  Regular Time.  Unconnected and disconnected.  The world OUT there.  Cure his Nature Deficiency.  Life, unorchestrated, at least for a few weeks.  Hooray for  us.

We've heard that there is a moose who has been by our designated campsite and left familiar tell-tale traces.  We've seen pictures of the pine trees and the lovely lake; we've viewed satellite maps.  We are truly going to Nowhere, Maine.

For a month.

We leave tomorrow, the last Friday in June.  Return is planned for August 1.

The girls at work are worried about Idiots and the images they've seen on YouTube of break-ins and beatings.  They think we need "protection".  I'm more concerned that there might be a sensitive black bear mama in the neighborhood.  Perhaps I'm naïve, maybe they are over-media-stimulated.

What I know is this:
  • I will miss, terribly, those we are leaving behind.  Husband, daughter, work folks, clients, friends, dog. Not so sure about missing the cat.
  • We will grow, my son and I, both together and apart.  We'll have kind and constructive and harsh words, all of which will (I trust) coalesce.
  • Maine is my home.  I want more time for my little family to learn, experience, and embrace it.
Stick with us.  If we can connect, we'll share what we can about our journey.  If we can't... well... hopefully we can find a chance to be together soon.

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