Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quilt Guild 101

My sister said... "Great! Have fun at the quilt guild meeting. Just don't take too much Show & Tell and don't volunteer for anything."

How many times in my entire life do you think I've listened to my sister? Right. You could count them on one hand, even if a couple of the fingers are missing.

I've wanted to be in a quilt guild as long as I can remember quilting, but have always had too many conflicts. In my prior home, kids were not permitted (even as spectators), and everything I did had to accommodate my toddlers. I tried again when I moved to this area almost three years ago... but always had school conflicts. Not anymore.

I invited myself along to ride with a couple of friends, ladies I've known and hope to know much better. The guild isn't huge, pretentious, or particularly rigid about much of anything. A motley crew of very talented ladies, gents, even kids (C. is eight!). This year's challenge is "Think Green!" That's it - the rest is up to the quilter. Yes, this will be FUN. Creative. Inspiring. Affirming.

I broke with my sister's advice even before leaving home, taking at least five pieces for Show & Tell AND a fist-full of pictures to boot. There WAS a theme, though... stars, stars, stars... I took the first challenge quilt (maybe the only) I ever made, complete with bowed-out sides and dental-floss-like quilting thread, and the one I made this New Year's with the nice ribbon-like pieced stars that stand out like ribbons due to the close stippling I did... and a few from in-between. See How Far I've Come???

I didn't volunteer for anything... until the next day, anyway. Hey... the Guild needed a newsletter editor. How tough could that be? Well... Sis says it's the worst job in the Guild (maybe that's why they needed an editor?!). I don't know; seems like fun to me. I hope the folks of the Guild can handle my attempts at humor.

Did I follow my sister's advice? Well, at least I DID have fun!

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Jennifer S said...

Wow- those quotes are pretty exact. And it does make me laugh to hear the actual track record of the following of my advice. ;)

I'm glad you're in a guild. And I must fess up that volunteering to be guild president has me a little overwhelmed at the moment.

Your Little Sister